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What We Do

Our area of focus We perform the following work under two categories

Primary focus

  • Research
  • Tourism policy & strategy planning
  • Institutional Development
  • Human resources development
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Product development and sale
  • Cultural preservation and promotion
  • New aspects of tourism and their promotion
  • Home stay activities
  • Village tourism
  • Rural tourism development
  • Wildlife tourism with its conservation.
  • Wellness tourism
  • Adventurous and sport tourism.

Secondary focus

To address poverty & livelihood issues based on resources conservation & sustainable development.

  • To manage Natural resources & make community self reliant & aware about natural resources.
  • Skill enhancement training for women under woman empowerment program.
  • Community awareness program and tourism promotion.
  • Cultural promotion through cultural program
  • Developments of short- Hiking and Trekking Trail
  • Tourist information centre
  • Development of Agro-based Tourism
  • Environmental awareness / preservation
  • Cultural and heritage conservation
  • Forward /backward linkages in local economy


Conducting research & development program to explore new tourism resources & attraction with sustainable growth of tourism with the wellbeing of local communities.

Tourism policy & strategy planning

To make better tourism policy, planning and strategy for overall growth and welfare of tourism sector.

Institutional Development.

To promote & established various institutions and organization to provide world class tourism services generate best tourism & hospitality professional in Uttarakhand. E.g- establishment of world class institutes and training centre giving the knowledge and education of tourism & hospitality. To attract various world class tourism multipliers like hotelier, entertainer like amusement parks, Transporters like Airlines, Railways, Buses, Cars, & cruisers be a be a important links between govt. and Investor

Human resources development

To under Human resources development program organize various training and workshop activities for youth & locale to enhance their professional skill and knowledge.

Sustainable tourism

The natural environment and the local communities should benefit from tourism, both economically and culturally. Sustainability implies that tourism resources and attractions should be utilized in such a way that their subsequent use by future generations is not compromised.

Marketing & Promotion

Through various tourism marketing principle, techniques and promotional tools enhance the flow to tourists of every nature & test.

Product development and sale

To Identifying resources and attractions as a tourism product to make them accessible with better amenities and facilities, So that a tourist can explore and enjoy the destination.

Cultural preservation and promotion

Tourism have negative effects also on the environment and people of host destination. A particular music, art, culture, tradition, fair & festival of a place are the great source of tourist attraction, but easily affected and fed by tourism activities. But with care and proper policies, the cultural, historical and environmental heritage of an area can be protected.

Accept new aspects of tourism and their promotion

Now the trend of tourism are going continuing change day by day. we have to  treat it as new possibility of tourism need to make aware & some training to local people and community for their better involvement in it.

  • Home stay activities
  • Village tourism
  • Rural development
  • Nature and wildlife conservation
  • Wellness tourism

Home stay activities

A Homestay isn’t simply somewhere to stay; Homestays offer a range of activities which give guests the unique opportunity to experience the specific culture of the area. Depending on the location, homestays can offer anything from adventure pursuits, artistic activities and experiencing local culture such as dance and music.

Village tourism

The rustic charm and simple delights of rural living. A world away from the hectic city life. villages offer the chance to go back to basics and experience the interesting activities that are rarely seen in urban areas.

Rural development

About 50% of the villages have very poor socio-economic conditions. Since the dawn of independence, concerted efforts have been made to ameliorate the living standard of rural masses. So, rural development is an integrated concept of growth and poverty elimination by various tourism activites.

Promotion & conservation of wildlife

Nature and wild tourism now being very famous among nature lover.Wildlife conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. Conservation are to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife.

Wellness tourism

Our objective is to improve well-being and economic growth through travel. To better understand the emerging trend of wellness travel we provide market intelligence and education including surveys and reports, seminars and workshops.